Friday, July 23, 2010

What the President Didn't Seem to Learn From the Shirley Sherrod Incident |

I often think that Obama wants to cling to the materialistic, classist, racist, belief that some people are better than--more important to society and deserving of more benefits and opportunities than--everybody else. ThePresidentwants more than anything to be accepted as an equal by those "elites" on their own terms.

Why won't he take the side of the people against the banks and corporations? Why won't he call out the party of NO instead of letting them thwart all his plans and ostensible "progressive" goals? Why won't he push for public education, public media, public job and housing programs?

Because he wants to be the guy the elites of the world step aside for, whose opinion the world waits for, whose style the world watches. He wants worldly success, and that's why he can't have it completely. He just lacks that one full measure of selfless dedication to the cause of his supporters. He's about Barack Obama.