Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama's Big Wake Up Call

The liberal base was conned, ignored and bullied, as its vital issues were one by one discarded. Labor unions were stroked and intimidated by the White House, then double-crossed as Obama's reform extracted greater costs from union members than it demanded from the drug makers.

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Fox News' Homophobic Bathroom Jokes

Media Matters is really the only organization that routinely gets to Fox and their Cyclops pundits.

For some reason, FAIR and the Center for Media and Democracy, the Center for Public Integrity or even Free Press don't rankle Rupert like Brock and Burns. Maybe that's because Fox knows Media Matters sees through their charade--right through. Not only were they once radical right wingers themselves, but they know about the salacious and bloated appetites Fox pundits hide under their desks and in their closets.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ward Connerly: Harry Reid's Race Problem -

Here's anotherexample of corporate media giants using their privately-owned, once-reputable news outlets to spew business-friendly Republican propaganda.

In this case, Connerly conflates comments by Reid and Lott, even though one was advocating racial segregation and the other was proposing the timeliness of an Obama presidency.

The deafness of the reading population is only surpassed by the myopia of the editors at the Journal. One is compelled to give them the benefit of the doubt on humanitarian grounds, and assume that they actually believe their own fallacies.

It will be interesting to see what happens to their publication and readership as this march to delusion continues toward the brink of reality-divorced psychosis.