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rangel action draft 8.09


Congressman Charles B. Rangel

163 West 125th Street, Suite #737

New York, NY  10027

August 7, 2009

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Florindo J. Troncelliti

255 W. 108th Street #7B1

New York, NY  10025-2925




VIA FACSIMILE:  (212) 663-4277

Congressman Charles B. Rangel

163 West 125th Street, Suite #737

New York, NY 10027

                                                                                                                August 7, 2009


                            August Recess


Honorable Congressman Rangel:


Thank you for your robust and effective leadership in the 111th and in previous Congresses.  We have come to rely on your voice as our leading spokesperson to the nation and as one of the country’s primary advocates for working Americans.  Your shepherding Americas Affordable Health Choices Act through Ways and Means was a demonstration of legislative prowess unrivaled by any other effort in this legislative session.


As your supporters and constituents, we implore you to lead the district now in mobilizing support for REAL HEALTHCARE REFORM by organizing pro-health care rallies, events, press conferences, publicity actions, letter-writing, phone-banking, fundraisers, and other activities that will inform and engage the public and broaden the media discourse and public debate on this critical issue at this critical time.


Health Care For America Now (HCAN) is urging supporters of their Core Principles for Health Care Reform to contact our legislators and urge them to support affordable, quality health care for everyone in America.


As an apologist for these principles, we ask for your continued public visibility as well as your active leadership in mobilizing your constituents to overcome the resistance to reform in the media, the opposition party, and the lobbying industry.


Under your leadership, your constituents could be


  • Counteracting misinformation and anti-reform efforts by
  • educating our neighbors and the media about the facts pertaining to the health care crisis in America;
  • informing those groups about the pending legislation in Congress and the unique opportunity to influence the outcome of the legislative process afforded us by this recess; and
  • broadening the debate in the District, in the media, and in Congress to include a FULL RANGE OF PROPOSALS for remedying the current crisis in American health care.


Our affiliations with local and state Democratic leaders and organizations, and local and regional independent media, afford us the opportunity, under your leadership, to organize and help express the ardent hope of our community for real reform on a host of issues, beginning with Health Care.


Please have your staff contact Florindo J. Troncelliti at (646) 508-9647 to arrange for a meeting with us at your earliest convenience in order to pursue the goals set forth above.






Florindo J. Troncelliti

Independent Producer

Manhattan Neighborhood Network

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