Thursday, April 22, 2010

Richard S. Lindzen - SourceWatch

This climate change denier is so well respected in the scientific and anti-scientific communities, that he got placed above the fold on today's WSJ editorial page

Although the deniers insist that the overwhelming consensus among climate scientists who predict catastrophic global climate change because of human burning of fossil fuels and deforestation is due to the financial rewards for green heralds, as well as intimidation of those who are skeptical of the science, Lindzen makes no mention of the financial rewards of his own associations with the fossil fuel industry, that it is the most profitable industry in the history of the world, and that fossil fuel billionaires have been generously funding the research attempting to establish climate change denial.

The Journal lists Lindzen as a "professor of Meteorology" in the bio for his editorial, which is subtitled, "Climate Warming Alarmists Have Been Discredited, But You Wouldn't Know It From The Rhetoric This Earth Day." He wants to use the East Anglia email hacking as a bona fide instance of "discrediting".

Nowhere does Lindzen mention the outcome of a parliamentary investigation into the controversial emails.

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