Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drone War Crimes

The moral bankruptcy drones on.

How can using the most advanced satellite, electronic, aerospatial and teleguidance technology to stand safely on one continent and murder individuals on another be anything other than a crime?

It can't. Why?

Because the capacity to utilize all that technology is not something that this generation of Americans, or any one generation of humans, can OWN. None of us, as a group, has the right to divert that technology to killing people, especially not civilians without due legal process.

The technology involved has taken millenia of countless, selfless individual contributions to the collective advancement of our species to reach the point it has reached now. As much as we like to flatter ourselves with our own pride, we didn't develop it and we don't have the right to use it to kill whoever we happen to kill for whatever reason we happen to conjure.

Would the inventor of polio vaccine be a criminal if he turned it into a poison for biological warfare and then used it?

Was dropping the atom bombs on Japanese cities criminal?

The answer is, "Yes." We are entrusted with this power by our ancestors and our progeny--some of us would say, by God. We don't have the right to pervert them to our own power-mad uses.

To turn advanced technology and all human knowledge and learned skill into star wars -- for whatever imaginary cause -- is perverse. It is criminal.

Close the Pentagon

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