Friday, September 18, 2009

Sotomayor Issues Challenge to a Century of Corporate Law -

If only it were true.

The Journal is dog-whistling the right wing attack pack at FreedomWorks, AEI, Heritage, Olin, Fox on a new and phony front in the culture wars.

The socio-economic tyrants are quaking in their boots over a perceived Liberal shot across the bow of their corporate status flagship, because they know it's about to sink on the shoals of Truth, Justice, and Reason anyway.
On today's court, the direction Justice Sotomayor suggested is unlikely to prevail. During arguments, the court's conservative justices seem to view corporate political spending as beneficial to the democratic process. "Corporations have lots of knowledge about environment, transportation issues, and you are silencing them during the election," Justice Anthony Kennedy said during arguments last week.

But Justice Sotomayor may have found a like mind in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. "A corporation, after all, is not endowed by its creator with inalienable rights," Justice Ginsburg said, evoking the Declaration of Independence.

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