Sunday, March 1, 2009

NY Times takes conservative slant, distortions toward Health Care Groups

Liberal interest groups are running vigorous campaigns in support of President Obama’s agenda, particularly as it relates to health care.They call the New York Times a liberal publication? Just look at this distortion in the first half of this piece,"liberals formed organizations like Media Matters for America, which calls attention to what it considers conservative-slanted news coverage,"Media Matters for America was formed by David Brock, a conservative Republican who grew disenchanted with the lies and distortions in the commercial, conservative-funded media and sought to provide the American people with an instrument for holding the media accountable.They do not "call attention to what [they] consider[] conservative-slanted news coverage." They call attention to misstatements of fact and misrepresentations presented by conservative media to influence public perceptions of important issues.Sure, some of their seed money came from so-called liberals, but they are a 501(c)(3) organization (as is MoveOn) and have to prove their non-partisanship to the Internal Revenue Service in order to retain their tax-exempt status, which they have successfully done every year of their existence.So, the question is, who is influencing the NY Times to run interference for unscrupulous conservative lobbyists and publicists against non-profit, tax exempt, non-partisan, public information and accountability resource group like Media Matters and Move-On?

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