Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fair& David Swanson

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My reply to CNN:

The Brown & Hill report on last Friday's congressional hearings on the limits of executive power was disturbing in its dismissive tone.

It disregarded the question of whether or not the evidence for impeachment bears any legal basis.

The commentators laughed and disregarded the six hour hearing as "kabuki theater" without covering its substance or trying to inform the American public about the 35 charges.

Both comentators stated that the hearings represented a "waste of taxpayer money" without explaining why they believed the substance of the hearings were so unwarranted.

They openly sided with the Republican opposition and implied that it wasn't worth the Republicans' time to show up at the hearings.

They then showed President Bush kissing a baby and declared him to be "undisturbed" by the hearings.

Such baseless, partisan and contemptuous broadcasting is far from news. Brown and Hill are not journalists but talking points puppets who repeat what their bosses in the CNN corporate offices want them to say.

Members of the public, ordinary working people, citizens without special statusl, means, or access to the media have worked for years to have a hearing like last Friday's.

It occurred in spite of the effort by CNN, Fox, MSNBC and ABC to tell the public that it doesn't matter if the President and his Administration commit felonies and shred the Constitution.

Ha ha ha. Just a laughing matter, according to CNN's anchors.

CNN needs to issue a formal apology to the American people for the disservice they performed last Friday, and continue to perform by deliberately misreporting the news.

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