Friday, June 20, 2008

Florindo J. Troncelliti

MNN Independent Producer

Telephone: 212-222-1709

Daytime: 212-310-6784

Cellular: 646-508-9647


Summer 2008


How can Your News or Arts Program reach a potential audience of over one million viewers in Manhattan?

Can Your News or Arts Program obtain friendly, free publicity and gain recognition for your mission and public service?

Yes! Appear on an episode of the weekly MNN series “MEDIA MONITORS”, being produced to air this summer, from June 26 to September 18.

The public access television show “MEDIA MONITORS” will

  • promote public access, independent and public media by featuring “watchdogs” and other groups with a media public service mission;

  • We will examine current reporting in the corporate outlets as well as issues of ownership and control in commercial mass media in the United States.

  • Generally, the program will focus on specific issues to analyze the social and political impact of mass media in our society.

Each week, one 30-minute episode of “MEDIA MONITORS” will profile an activist or (mainly not for profit) group. The groups’ work will be portrayed and promoted through interviews, promotional video, and coverage of events.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you or someone at Your News or Arts Program would be interested in collaborating in the production of an episode of “MEDIA MONITORS” to showcase Your News or Arts Program.

Florindo Troncelliti


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